Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Top Ten Reasons to Join the Choir

10. It’s exactly like singing in the shower, except you’re wearing a robe and people are actually listening.

9. Intellectual stimulation—when you make music, you are using both sides of your brain simultaneously.

8. Friends!  You will no long be able to complain, “Church is so impersonal.  I don’t know anyone in my congregation.”

7. You have a guaranteed, reserved seat for both Christmas and Easter.

6. Wearing a robe eliminates making the difficult decision of what to wear on Sunday.

5. The ushers never pass the collection plate to the choir.

4. It is one of the few activities that does not require electronic equipment, expensive power tools, or shopping.

3. Rehearsals are Thursday nights, so for an hour you’ll reduce the risk of developing tendinitis from nonstop operation of a television remote control or computer mouse.

2. Singing is heart healthy and there are no monthly membership fees and no sore muscles.

And the number one reason you should join the choir . . .

1. “Singing is praying twice!” (St. Augustine)

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