Thursday, September 1, 2016

"Old-Fashioned" Music

You know in the general climate of evangelicalism today, somebody would say when they came to Grace Church, "Wow, these people are really old-fashioned.  Why don't they get with it and update the music?"  Let me tell you something: history matters.  And it matters a lot.  I don't want anybody to think that we have invented Christianity.  I don't want to come up with some kind of form of worship and form of expression that is so inimitable to the culture of today that it appears as if all truth resides in us.  What I want people to understand is that the faith that we preach is the same faith that was proclaimed and preached by John Milton, who wrote the words to that [hymn, "The Lord Will Come"] in the seventeenth century.  It is the same faith that was proclaimed by the Apostles, and the hymns convey that faith from generation to generation, and the music conveys that from generation to generation.  This is not new.  Christian doctrine, Christian truth, the Christian gospel is a treasure through the ages, and we are grateful to say that all that we represent is the same truth that has been represented by God's people in every generation going back to the very time of Christ.  Conveying that is critical, so that you understand that this is not some new, contemporary movement.  This is the true and living Christian faith passed down from the Apostles through faithful men, articulated by theologians, and even by hymn writers through the ages.  We stand on that great faith, and have in our hearts a desire to change nothing.  Of course, we can sing contemporary songs, of course we can update that, but not to the cost of abandoning the greatness of our heritage, that people might know that this is not a modern movement.  Well, that's another sermon.

-- John MacArthur, 10/14/07

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